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New Year and Christmas Deposit Bonus
Published on 03-12-2021

The new year and holidays are approaching, so it's time for big gifts. Get up to 50% back on your deposit that you can use to extend a Rental Referral or AutoPay (RR).

Deposit Bonus:
Deposit: $ 5- $ 20 10% Bonus
Deposit: $ 21- $ 50 20% Bonus
Deposit: $ 51- $ 100 30% Bonus
Deposit: $ 100- $ 2000 Bonus 50%

This great offer lasts until January 15, 2022.

Good Luck!

Withdraw limit
Published on 02-12-2021

From today, you can withdraw money without an additional 30-day wait, it is necessary to have a minimum amount in accordance with the membership you use.

Rented Referrals (109.50%)
Published on 01-12-2021

Due to many complaints about the new RR system, I had to reset it, you will surely like this one.

1. One RR costs $0.20, minimum rent 25 RR.
2. One RR earns $0.0073 per day, $0.219 per month
3. One RR is valid for 30 days, with a possible extension of up to 360 days with a discount of up to 3%
4. AutoPay ($0.0065 per RR)

This change is the last one.

I had good intentions but many do not want to wait for the return of profits for so long.

Fees was completely abolished.
Published on 28-11-2021

At the request of many users, I decided to completely abolish the fees for withdrawing money.

Now if you buy any membership with a fixed earnings amount after 30 days you get in full, this also applies to Rented Referrals and RevShares. Happy investment and happy profit.

New design
Published on 26-11-2021

Today we changed the design of the site.

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